May 23, 2014

*** REVIEW: BlackFive Cropped T-shirt and Shoulder Bag ***

Today, I'd like to introduce a wonderful online fashion store "BlackFive". I'm very happy that I had the chance to cooperate with this professional company. They sent me $50 credit and I ordered a Bright Drills & Rivets Big Shoulder Bag ($37.99) and a Half-sleeved Letters-print Cropped T-shirt ($21.99) for review. And the shocking part is that I received these beauties in only 5 days (or even less)! Please consider that the package was sent from abroad and they offer free worldwide shipping. I normally get parcels from abroad in a month or more.

The items arrived as nicely packaged; the shoulder bag was inside a protective cloth bag. I can easily say that the shoulder bag is really high-quality. The PU leather is solid and strong. It has two different detachable straps; one is to use on arm or shoulder (the twin handles have snap closures) and one is to use as crossbag (hooked strap). There are two zip pockets (one outside and one inside) also two inner patches (without zip). As you can see, it is large enough to put everything inside. It can be used daily although it has shiny beads and rivets. At first, I was doubtful if yellow rivets and crystal-colored beads would match each other, but I see that they suit quite well.

I liked this cropped top because of its black color and also the positve message that it gives. I wore it with a black strappy body inside as it is a short t-shirt. It has transparent sleeves, so it can be worn in summer as it is, or in spring/autumn by wearing a long/sleeve and fitting sweatshirt inside. It has a soft and light fabric and it looks very cool. Also, the size is allright; it's very good that they give the exact measurements on the product page. My top size is normally M, but I ordered S size, and I'm glad with my choice. All in all, I was very satisfied with BlackFive. By the way, the pictures on the website are wonderful!

Some Picks:

About the Company:
BlackFive, one of the authorities on global women's fashion clothing, is an online destination for it girls around the world. We sell cutting-edge 'fast fashion' as well as a wide variety of fashion-related items. In a word, BlackFive is all about fashion.
Our concept is latest fashion at the best prices.
Our mission is to be the best at serving you, our customer.
Our customers are our daily inspiration and we strive to serve them in ways never imagined.
Our approach is: always serve, always build, always long term, always the beginning.

* I was provided with the abovementioned free item for an honest review.

May 21, 2014

Artisoo Oil Painting - WINNER

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May 20, 2014

*** REVIEW: Choies Fluffy Jumper and Leather Pants ***

I know this is a very delayed post. Yes, we are almost in summer, and I'm writing about winter garments. But I've been really too busy with my job; it's been a hectic period. And also I've had some health problems, but I am finally writing my post. A couple of months ago, Choies sent me a shopping credit, and I purchased these Black Knit Jumper with Contrast Fluffy Panel ($34.99) and New Look Leather Pants ($30.99) for review.

This jumper is so comfortable and so soft! It is perfect for winter as it keeps the body very warm. I always feel the cold too much in winter and this jumper works very well for me. The fluffy parts add liveliness to the piece and they don't make the skin itchy. It shows the shoulders a bit broader, but not too much, so it's good for women with narrow shoulders. The winter passed quickly, so I couldn't have the chance to wear this piece often, but this will be a vital garment of my wardrobe in cold winter days.

I was very surprised when I received these leather pants. The fabric is very nice and high-quality, but unfortunately it's too small for me although I ordered it one size larger :( I had to wear it to take some pictures, but I couldn't close the zipper fully. It's too tight. Either I will have to lose more pounds or I will have to have it modified by a tailor. I wish it could be larger, so it would be an essential part of my wardrobe. Leather pants have such size problems :(

Some Picks:

About the Company: is a global website destination for fashion-forward and IN girls to shop clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Our mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration. Our goal is to inspire and be inspired by cool girls all over the world.

* I was provided with the abovementioned free item for an honest review.

May 19, 2014


I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now where one winner will receive an oil painting from Artisoo:

Normally, in all of my giveaways which are specific to my blog, I pick a winner at the end of the giveaway. This is my true responsibility. The sponsor said in the beginning that they would send one prize to the giveaway host (me), and one prize to the blog winner. However, it turns out that Artisoo didn't state the rules clearly in the beginning.

33 bloggers in total are separately hosting a giveaway for Artisoo in their blogs now. So, there must be 66 prizes to be sent, right? (33 for giveaway hosts and 33 for blog winners). No, they say that only two oil paintings will be sent. They will pick a giveaway host among 33 bloggers, and then this chosen blogger will pick a winner among his/her blog's participants. One prize for the host and one prize for the winner, totalling 2, NOT 66! If they pick me as the winning blogger, then one of you can win a prize from my giveaway. Otherwise, all of your entries will go in vain. I'm really sorry :(

So, if you want to take your chance, you can keep entering this giveaway. Otherwise, you are free to refrain.

UPDATE: I was informed that I was chosen as the blogger winner of that campaign, so one of you will win a prize at the end of the giveaway :)

May 16, 2014

Accessodium Beach Bikini Shorts Pantie - WINNER

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May 15, 2014

How to Prevent Vision Loss from Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that is one of the largest causes of blindness in the world. The cause is still unknown, and there is no way of restoring vision that has been lost. However, regular eye care in Virginia Beachcan help you preserve your remaining vision, even if you are already affected by the disease.

Diagnosing Glaucoma
Glaucoma develops so gradually that most people do not realize they are affected for quite some time. It usually begins by limiting your peripheral vision, but your eyes can compensate for your vision loss and it will probably take some time before you realize that anything is wrong. Regular eye exams at a Virginia Beach eye care clinic can help to diagnose glaucoma while it is still relatively mild.

Risk Factors
Although the cause of glaucoma is not known, there are several risk factors connected with the disease. If you are at a higher risk of glaucoma, see an eye doctor for an easy test to make sure your eyes are healthy. Anyone over 40 or those who have a family history of glaucoma are at an elevated risk of developing the disease. Glaucoma is also often related to eye pressure, so you should be examined regularly if you have diabetes or other conditions that raise the pressure in your eyes. If you already have glaucoma in one eye, you are at high risk of developing it in your other eye, as well.

Glaucoma Treatment
Although vision loss caused by glaucoma is not currently reversible, many people can continue to live normal lives even with glaucoma. This is because your body does a good job at compensating for mild vision loss, so you may not even be able to tell the difference. The important thing is that you keep up with your regular eye care in Virginia Beach. In some cases, your eye doctor may recommend surgery to prevent any further vision loss. However, most people can stop the progress of their glaucoma with daily medications. It's very important that you take these medications regularly, or your glaucoma may begin to get worse again. You should also schedule regular appointments with your eye doctor to make sure your eye pressure is normal and look for any other issues that might affect your vision.

May 14, 2014


I won these two nail polishes of my choice from Glitter Lambs Polish through the giveaway at Cheers to Novelty blog. I applied the white one over a light pink polish as a top coat (however, I may have applied a little much). The advantage is that it doesn't wear off and it can stay on your nails for days. But this became also a disadvantage for me. It was hard and so fixed on my nails that I spent 35 minutes to remove it from my nails. I literally scraped my nails and I had to cut them after that. So, I don't think I can use it again. I often use glitter polishes, but this is the first time I've encountered such a thing. Maybe there is an easy way to remove it, I don't know. However, I haven't tried the black one yet, so I have no idea about it. I hope it can be removed easily :)
ARV: $14

I won these three neon rings from Two Cheeky Monkeys giveaway. As shape, the roses look nice, but unfortunately, the edges of them were smashed, so the paint was scraped.
ARV: $16

May 10, 2014

*** GIVEAWAY: SlinkyLinks Gift Card ***

About the Company:
I'm from Paris but I moved to London 5 1/2 years ago to start a more creative career. I worked for a shoe maker before I had the idea to start my leather jewellery business.
I started SlinkyLinks a year ago, first as a hobby and then full time as I really believe it can become something great.
I love working with leather as it is quite an unusual and versatile material to create jewellery from. I want to create stylish and sophisticated pieces, classic with and edge. Perfect for busy women, you can wear them day and night and they will always add glamour to your outfit.
All of my jewellery are made from scraps of leather, 100% recycled. I get all the cast-off pieces of leather from a local shoemaker and work from there.
I only use allergy-free, good quality materials such as stainless steel and 14K gold-filled, that would last for a long time but still remain affordable.
PS: You can also check this Asos link or follow on Tumblr.

Cat brooch in black and white reclaimed leather handmade in London - black cat, black and white cat, mothers day, cute animal broochesCrow statement necklace in black patent - Handmade in the UK from reclaimed leather - Perfect for Halloween, bird necklaceWrap Bracelet in black patent leather -Made in the UK from reclaimed leather -Goth bracelet, Xmas bracelet, Mothers Day, black cuff braceletLeather earrings with holes in black patent reclaimed leather Handmade in London  hipster earrings, ecofriendly earrings, Hole earrings

OFFER: Sign up to SlinkyLinks newsletter and get 10% off code which will be valid until the end of June.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive £30 gift card to use on SlinkyLinks.

* I wasn't paid or didn't receive anything in any way. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

May 5, 2014

*** GIVEAWAY: Artisoo Oil Painting ***

About the Company: is a bridge through which our artists could show their great talent, while you could show your big smile appreciating their art painting. is a leading one-stop online store committed to becoming the best reliable marketplace on the net by offering superior customer services, worldwide shipping and variety paintings (Chinese paintings & oil paintings). was found by Vincent and Zachary on 2009, composed largely of artists and art lovers. As a huge online store, has a number of Oil Paintings and Chinese Paintings in a wide range types. You can take advantage of the lowest price and worldwide shipping on all items. offers both retail and wholesale service for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Branches With Almond Blossom 1890A Wheatfield On A Summer S Afternoon 1942In The Middle Of Summer 1928

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive one of the six hand-painted famous oil painting reproductions as follows.
- Fishing Boats At Sea (Value: $98.00 USD)
- A Dream (Value: $96.00 USD)
- Cup Of Silver Ginger (Value: $94.00 USD)
- San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk (Value: $92.00 USD)
- Wheat Field With Cypresses (Value: $70.00 USD)
- The Birth Of Day (Value: $108.00 USD)

Artisoo Giveaway Paintings

* I wasn't paid, but I will receive the same item. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

May 2, 2014

*** REVIEW: ForWellness Linden Hydrolat ***

As I sometimes mention, I have a very sensitive skin (face) and problematic scalp & hair. What do I mean with these? I have a very dry, rough and reddish face, I have acne-like things on my left cheek, my eyebrows and scalp are scurfy and itchy, and these all get worse when I'm too stressful. So I'm always in search of some good products to soothe and solve my problems.

First, this is a very delayed post; I received this Linden Hydrolat as a thank you gift from ForWellness a few months ago, and I promised to write a post, but I haven't been able to schedule this post until now. I was too busy with my job day and night :( As you can read on the picture, this product is suitable for especially sensitive and dry skin. It says that it calms the skin, reduces blush, evens face color and stops hair loss. When I first used this product on my face as a cleansing tonic, first it relaxed me, and then my skin felt a little stretched. I understand that I should put a moisturizer on my face immediately after I use this Linden Hydrolat. Also the redness is reduced a little, you end up having a soft complexion, but not much; don't expect a miracle :) Skin health is a difficult area. I also used it on my scalp for a few times; it reduces the itchy feeling for a while and relaxes. I even used it on my upper body to wipe my back and chest with a cotton pad, it gave me a comfortable sense. You can use it on a cotton pad directly pouring from the bottle, or you can put it on a spray bottle. By the way, my problems are still going on, but I have a too stressful life (last year I suffered from burnout and then panic attack, and I had really difficult times). So, such a life directly shows its effects on the skin :(

Some Picks:
Hand made soap "Velvet" With Dead Sea Clay Natural Vegan Cold Process Homemade Handmade

Home made Lavender Hydrolat Floral Water Natural Hand-made Vegan

Home made Mint Hydrolat Floral Water Natural Hand-made Vegan

Hand made soap "Birch" Natural Vegan Cold Process Homemade Handmade

Baltic AMBER incense * handmade natural pure amber powder scent * aromatherapy Lithuania Baltic amber

About the Company:
I am a bather and I work in lithuanian pirtis (pirtis - nearly the same as finnish sauna only not so hot and have much bigger percent of humidity - nearly as turkish hamam).

In everyday life I work with a human body so I must make people feel so comfortouble that during my procedures they can even sleep. And, of course, I have to be very careful with the body and I use only what is natural and what my little country is wealthy with - plants, herbs, oils, honey, etc. No artificial fragrance or any synthetic colourants just what nature gives us.
Because of my work particularity I started manufacturing products that I use by myself and I am sure that they will make no harm to my customers.
Due to this my family is happy too - they never have to think where or when to get good quality soap, lip balsam or tonic for the face skin.
One thing I have noticed is that this passion involves deeper and deeper but it's so pleasant.
So, please, welcome ForWellness and natural friendly products from Lithuania.
PS: You can follow them on Facebook.

BUY IT: Hydrolats/floral waters are between $8.00 - $10.00; soaps are between $5.90 - $6.75; incenses are between $1.15 - $1.60.

* I received the abovementioned free item for an honest review.

May 1, 2014


Is there any problem with Feedburner? I cannot receive any e-mail from almost none of the blogs for a few weeks although I'm subscribed to them. I'm subscribed to too many blogs, I would like to see their posts in my inbox so that I can read later, but I cannot get any e-mail from them. This is very annoying.

By the way, is there any way where I can see all of my blog subscriptions? Thanks for your help.


UPDATE #2: I resubscribed to a few blogs with my Gmail account and they safely reached my Gmail inbox. As I understand, no other e-mail account except Gmail can get these Fedburner e-mails anymore :(