December 9, 2013

Nutrisystem Dieting and Life Hacks for the Working Mother

Dieting can be a hassle for anyone. Watching your calories, avoiding all the foods you love and exercising regimentally can take a toll on anyone. However, at the end of the day, it would help if you could make yourself a hot meal that is both calorie-conscious and savory to eat. Here is a list of a few blogs, where people share their success stories and their recipes to help inspire others to follow the same path:

Guide for Moms

This is a very helpful blog for working women who are trying to lose weight while tending to their families. Usually, it’s hard to diet when you have to cook delicious meals for your family that you will not get to taste. This blog helps to eliminate that problem by providing recipes that you can cook for the whole family to enjoy.
Mandy managed to lose 170 pounds while raising two kids and working. Her website not only includes fun recipes, but is also a survival guide for women in similar situations. She gives helpful tips on how to manage your time, get everything done and not lose your mind in the process.
In her blog, you can follow her 27-week Nutrisystem journey and read the tips and lessons she shares along the way.

A number of moms have published their experiences with Nutrisystem. Susan lost almost 100lbs, Charlene improved her health and enjoys playing outdoors with her 6 children, and Lisa went from obese to being part of a fashion show. In addition to information about how the program works, Weight Loss Triumph has discount coupons for Nutrisystem.

Jenns Blah Blah Blog
The name itself makes you feel like you are about to start off on a fun ride. Jenn is a mother, a wife and a stay-at-home working mom. Her blog is a mixed jumble of things, including tips, travel ideas, recipes, marriage advice, and advice on children and of course her NutriSystem journey.
Jenn has recently started following her diet, so, for other newbies in similar situations, her daily struggle should prove to be an interesting read. She also posts loads of recipes that she cooks for herself and her family including desserts and special treats for her kids.

Cake Recipes
For most people, the most difficult struggle that they face is learning to curb their sweet tooth. No matter how strong you think you are, there will come a day when your favorite dessert will be lying in front of you and you will give-in to temptation and grab a chunk. This website is an alternative to that scenario.
These are specialized recipes for cakes that are baked keeping the NutriSystem diet in mind. With detailed instructions and simple-to-find ingredients, these recipes are tailor-made for all the health conscious people out there.

Everything Mommyhood
Stay-at-home mother to two beautiful girls, Darci has documented her Nutrisystem weight loss journey. This blog is about women who are trying to lose their post-baby weight. This site has nutritious foods for women that are trying to lose those extra pounds they packed on during pregnancy, while maintaining their chemical balance. What sets this blog apart are two things.
Firstly, there are quite a few vegetarian recipes on this page that give you a yummy alternative to throwing all those vegetables into the same salad day in and day out. Secondly, there are many competitions and give-aways on a weekly basis along with great tips on how to minimize your cost through coupons.

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