December 13, 2013

Getting Inspiration From Other Weight Watchers

It can be very difficult staying on track with Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program. This is why so many are encouraged to get together regularly with others who are also engaged in the battle of the bulge. This action generally offers the inspiration required by everyone to stay the course until the final goal is reached. In person meetings are great, but with the wide variety of bloggers these days telling their own personal stories online, that inspiration can be had every day of the week online. Here are some great blogs you may want to add to your favorites list.

Fit Bee—Colleen
At you will find the story of a determined woman who reached her goal weight while struggling with autoimmune diseases that include Rheumatoid arthritis. Even though these may have caused her to struggle, she did not quit, and lost 120. This site is filled with inspiration for anyone who needs a bit more motivation to embark upon or just complete their own journey to becoming fit and healthy.

13.1 Miles To Disney—Jodi
Jodi’s story is not unlike others who have fought the battle of the bulge and lost. However, with the right goals in mind and something specific to keep her on track, she finally did it. She has now become a Half Marathoner and is ready to go on to join others in the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon. Jodi is doing all of this with the help of Weight Watchers and an exercise program that have both changed her lifestyle for the better. You can read more about her story here.

A Journey To Thin—Alissa
Alissa began her journey to weight loss with the goal that she would lose half her body weight by following the online program offered by Weight Watchers. Along with being able to watch the pounds fall off, she loves the fact that she will be learning how to be patient with herself and how to change her eating habits to those that will help keep the weight off for a lifetime. Read about her story, and don’t forget to check out some Points Plus Recipes while you are in her site.

Weight Watchers Worked for Me – Jackie
Jackie tried many different diets and failed at least 50 times. She signed up for Weight Watchers Online and she lost 67 lbs. One thing she likes is that she is allowed to eat the foods she enjoys. Today, making healthy food decisions is easy, she explains. You can read Jackie’s story at WeightLossTriumph. While there, have a look at the promotional codes for Weight Watchers that she gives.

Curvy Fit Girl—Kelly
Kelly lives on Long Island, New York and enrolled in Weight Watchers after battling with her weight for years. She finally decided to tackle her weight 5 pounds at a time and set realistic goals for herself. It is her desire that others gain insight and inspiration from the posts on her blog. As you join her on her journey through weight loss and maintenance, you may find some new recipes and cooking techniques as well as a few laughs to help you along the way as well.

Inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places, but these women have been there and done that. For that reason, it should not be difficult to see that they do have some good advice for anyone struggling to change a lifetime of habits so that they and you can get fit and stay healthy.

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