April 9, 2013

*** REVIEW: EdenFantasys Camisole Sets and Costumes ***

This post contains links to an adult site. Please go on reading at your own discretion.

EdenFantasys is really one of my favorite online stores. Nearly 90% of my stage clothing (I'm a rock & metal singer) consists of the pieces that I purchased from this website. They have wonderful costumes, great clothing items and very sexy lingerie pieces and accessories. I adore their corsets and tops & dresses. So, I couldn't reject the offer to review a few of their items. And the best part is that I chose what to review; they are very generous.
PS: As this is an adult store, I will not be able to wear and show the pieces on me, sorry. But I will put the model pictures from the website.

Front view
Back view

The panty

I really loved that mesh peasant top with panty – camisole set (size L - $20.99). The fabric is nylon. It comes with a peasant top and a panty. As I'm a fan of black color, I was so happy to be able to select this item. When I saw the top, my first reaction was "oh, it's very big". The reason is that it has open shoulders. But when I wore it, I thought that I overreacted :) It was not very big; actually it could be just a little smaller from the chest, but it's ok. The chest part (back side) has a bra-type closing and this makes the item adjustable. This will be one of my stage costumes and it's transparent and has very deeply low-cut neckline, so I can only wear it with a black tank inside to cover my belly and chest. And the panty is the type that I like; it's comfortable. The ruffles and the little bow are very cute. And as you can see, it's transparent, too :) If you have full breasts, this top can be a very bold item for you if you are planning to wear it outside like me. But you can keep the panty for your special nights :)

Front view

Back view

The g-string

I selected this siberian midnights ring cami set – camisole set in size M ($20.29). It comes as a camisole with adjustable straps and a g-string. This top fit on me well! The size is almost true. The neckline is not too low, so I don't have to cover my chest part, and although I thought it might be small for me, the item is not very tight. Again, this will be a stage costume and I feel that I will be comfortable in it. Only the wire inserts may decrease the comfort of the item, because some parts tend to bend up due to the wires, so it becomes much shorter. I will pair it with black trousers. The fabric is nylon & satin, so it may not be suitable for the washing machine. If I were you, I'd prefer washing it by hand. And as it's satin, it tends to show the excessive parts of your body more. If you have a slim or normal upper body, this item can be for you. Regarding the g-string, I'm not comfortable with wearing such bottoms as they are too tiny, so it's in my drawer for now, but the color is absolutely gorgeous! Purple is a sexy color :)

Front view

Back view

The hat and the neck scarf

Are you ready to fly with this sultry stewardess – costume (size L - $26.99)? I'm ready, so I picked this item with pleasure :) As soon as I wore this dress, I felt sexy and attractive! It shows the body beautiful. This is a comfortable and light dress true to my own size. And of course, this piece will take place among my other stage costumes :) The chest part is a little low-cut, but I can handle it by wearing a tank inside. On the picture, it looks like it's very short, but actually it's not, so I feel relax in it. Maybe it's because that I'm not a very tall woman :) But the skirt part can sometimes rise upside when walking, so you may have to fix it often. I consider wearing the neck scarf not on my neck, but on my wrist; it looks nice in this way, too. But to be honest, I didn't like the hat, because it doesn't stay firm on my head. I have to use lots of pins to fix it on my hairs. Don't let the picture deceive you; it's a long and narrow, but a big hat, so it's not suitable to my head. If you aren't interested in the accessories, you can purchase this costume for just the dress itself.

* All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with the abovementioned free items for an honest review.

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