April 29, 2013

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Sexy Off The Shoulder Wide Leg Jumpsuit With Leopard Print Belt

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Rearrange, Revamp, Restore: How to Make Small Spaces Feel Large

When you bought your home, it may have felt quite large with just you and your spouse, but once you started filling it with a few kids, an accumulation of belongings, and perhaps a few pets, it may have started to feel like the rooms are shrinking. Some days probably feel a little claustrophobic, and it may be hard to figure out how all that stuff got there, and how to get rid of it, so your home feels like a sanctuary again.

You don’t have to sacrifice a lot of things in order to reclaim that feeling of open, comfortable spaces in your home. It might be time to get rid of a few things, and swap out some old favorites for newer versions that will fit your lifestyle and space restrictions. Here are a few ideas to help you rearrange, revamp, and restore your sense of home.

Shrink Your Furniture
If your small rooms are full of large, bulky furniture, it’s not too difficult to determine how to maximize your space. Perhaps that four-poster bed or gigantic sectional looked nice in the store, but once they came through your door, you were faced with the problem of furniture taking over your home. Sell that thing at a garage sale, or a used furniture listing site, and start over. Did you know it’s easier to clean and more motivating when your furniture fits your space? Rooms also look less cluttered even when a bit of mess accumulates, because there are more open spaces that balance out the disorganization. So, replace that big couch with a two seater sofa, reduce that king-size bed to a queen, take out that gigantic dining room table and replace it with an adjustable table to meet all your needs and give you the space to feel refreshed.

Clear the Clutter
Understandably, spaces feel fuller when there’s no open space between furniture, and all surfaces are covered with stuff. If you’ve got furniture pieces pushed up against other furniture pieces all around the room, it’s hard to stage your room in all its beauty, because the eye doesn’t know where to look. Everything just flows together. Remove unneeded furniture pieces, and pare down your decorations to just a few key pieces that reflect your sense of style and generate conversation among your guests. Stage the remaining furniture pieces by centering them on a wall and adding a few -- just a few -- accents like two or three brightly colored pillows or a throw blanket. Pare down items on shelves, showcasing a few with open space around them, and pack up the rest. If you’re unable to part with the items, pack them up in storage and swap them out later when you need a change.

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April 25, 2013


I won this make-up set consisting of a M.A.C eye shadow palette, Max Factor mascara, Dior eyeliner pencil, and Dolce Gabbana lipstick from Markalonga through Masum İnciler blog. As soon as I received this package, I used all the items for my concert in a fest :)
ARV: $32

I won this great pendant composed of vermeil (silver plated with gold) and a beautiful smokey brown gemstone from Fifth & Orient through the giveaway at pret-a-reporter. I gave it to my lovely mom :) It will look pretty on her.
ARV: $42

I won these beautiful rings from DualShine through ABC kidZ blog. The rings are really good-looking and they never painted my fingers unlike the other alloy rings in the market.
ARV: $6

I received this Purple Angel Fortunately Lucky Diamond Bracelet from Maxnina in return for a blog post for them about their company and products. I really loved its quality and how it looks on my wrist.
ARV: $10

I ordered these two pieces (Retro Wide Elastic Waistband with Snakeskin Panel and Metal FrontSkinny Black T-shirt with Floral Lace Panel) from Chicnova by using the gift cards that I received this company for sharing my wishlist and that I won from Nameless Fashion Blog. The belt is a little tight, however it's ok as I'm losing weight. But I loved that t-shirt! :)
ARV: $42

*** GIVEAWAY: zdrop Earrings *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
Hello there! My name is Eleanna Kotsikou aka zdrop for the crafting world of etsy. I come from Greece. I have lived in France, Italy, the Netherlands and I am currently based in the UK. I have studied architecture and urbanism. I have a passion for color. I love design in all scales. I dance. I laugh [too] loud. The creative process from concept definition to end result is really important for me. I create jewelry from polymer clay and wood pulp, as well as cute sock monsters. I love spreading the creative spirit and I contribute with craft tutorials at craftuts.
PS: You can follow her on Pinterest.

White red delicate dangle earrings- statement- beaded- chandelier- filigree and coral beadsPersonalised custom geometric minimal caoutchouc necklace- 3 lines- swing- Made to order- under 25Autumn Cuff bracelet-Earthy colours- beige elastic with vintage orange fabric flower- ready to ship

OFFER: 20% off to all earrings in her Etsy shop. The code is EAR20.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive the "yellow dusk blue minimal post earrings" (value: $15.00), and one (1) winner will receive the "mustard yellow dangle earrings" (value: $24.00).

* I wasn't paid or didn't receive anything in any way. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

April 19, 2013

*** GIVEAWAY: Amy Waltz Designs Gift Card *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
Amy Waltz Designs (AWD) jewelry is more than jewelry, it's a powerful reminder into our own true uniqueness. Jewelry makes us feel and look beautiful but my hope is that it will be a window into one's own inner beauty and magnificent purpose in life. Perhaps the words intertwined in the jewelry will serve as inspirational mantras or reminders. TRUST. I AM. Believe. LIFE IS A GIFT. Love your life. Fly On...
I would love it if wearing a piece of AWD jewelry would lend you to think a little more positively, respond to yourself with a little more heart, cause you to smile more and walk a little more gently on the Earth, treat yourself and others in a gentler, kinder nature, trusting your great and wonderful purpose in this life.
I hope that by hearing the sound of it delicately ringing as you wear it, you will breath in the message and that you will remember your power, your beauty, your strength and you will embrace the day just a little more, walking a little lighter, letting go a little more, and opening yourself up to the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. And if you feel like dancing, well, then, by all means ... DANCE. And when you do, let the rhythm of your heart carry you to your place of perfect peace.
PS: Don't forget to check their websiteTwitter account, and also Pinterest account.

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WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a $75 Amy Waltz Designs shop credit.

Stacking Skinny Rustic Rings Silver Gold Copper Patina Rings TEN Stacking Hammered Brushed Soldered Delicate Simple Chic Spring FashionMothers Day Gift for Mom Bracelet Bangle Silver and Gold You Are Loved Cuffs Hammered Personalized Inspirational Gift for Her Unique Gift

* I wasn't paid or didn't receive anything in any way. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

April 18, 2013

oBo Creations Jewelry - WINNERS

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April 17, 2013

Home Garden Landscaping on Limited Budget and Space


Money doesn’t grow on trees. When designing the landscaping of your home garden, you may be wishing that the cash could flow faster than the water from your garden hose so you can create the perfect garden space. Of course, who doesn’t want a beautiful garden that has flowers of every color from every season, beautiful fountains and a little corner for growing your own herbs and vegetables?

The major problem most people face in realizing this dream is budget and space. Unfortunately, only a few people understand that both the issues can be solved with a little consideration. There are, however, a number of things where it is best to invest in something that is long-lasting rather than cheap. For instance, select one time investments include pond pumps for fountains. presents a line-up of different types of pond pumps and also answers some of the most common questions you need to answer before buying such equipment for your garden.

While there are plenty of areas where the value lies in longevity rather than affordability, there are also plenty of other things where you can save some real cash. So, let’s take a look at some garden landscaping tips that will help you save money as well as space:

Make a Plan – Before you buy any plants and equipment, you first need a plan. It is effective for saving both on cost and space. Starting off like a professional won’t hurt you, but first think of your plan and then try to draw it on paper. Even if your rough draft doesn’t look like anything a professional would draw, it will give you a good idea of what elements the project will require and how you should place them.

Show some Sunlight – If your garden gets enough natural light, you will be able to save a lot on artificial lighting. Natural light also creates an illusion of space and room. However, there are plants that grow better in low sunlight. So, you should consider how much light your garden gets before finding the right kind of plants for it.

Collect what you Can – You don’t necessary need to buy everything. You can find plenty of DIY gardening projects and you can also seek some help from nature. For instance, if you need beautiful pebbles and rocks for your pond, try searching for them while taking a stroll down the shore.

Save for Seasons – There are a number of plants that are only good for one part of the year and will remain dead or relatively unattractive for the rest of the year. And contrary to that, there are plants that bloom throughout the year. The latter can really help you keep your garden attractive without much effort.

Shop Online – There may be only one gardening shop in your area, but the internet is crowded with vendors that offer unbelievable offers and competitive rates. You can find everything ranging from pond pipes to aquatic plants. Another reason to shop online is the ease and ability to compare different products.

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April 16, 2013

*** REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: ellembee Clothing *** (CLOSED)

One of the things that I love in this life is fashion. I enjoy wearing beautiful items and having lots of pieces in my wardrobe. Oh this womanhood :) And today, I'm very pleased that I will introduce you to a great Etsy store called ellembee. Lisa, wonderful owner of this store sent me a Lacy Revival on Black Long Sleeve Wrap in size L for review ($44 value). It was my choice, and you see that my love of black color shows itself here, too ;)

"This is the second colorway for this super fabulous wrap! It is so comfy and versatile. You can wear it with sexy jeans and heels on a date, or pair it with slacks and wear it to work!"

I wore this light-weight screen-printed wrap during the weekend inside my jacket (the weather was a little cold). I went to a open-air pub with my bandmates. First, I wore my jacket alone, and I felt really cold. Then I wore this inside and it made me feel warm very well. The fabric is of very good quality; I loved its feeling.
PS: It was a little large for me, but this was my choice, because I couldn't be sure as I'm losing weight.

It has a large collar, so it keeps the neck warm and supported. With the collar, I can even cover my head in the cold weather, really! The lacy pattern printed on it is of a lovely design. It reminds me of ethnic clothes. The sleeves are very long due to its nature, but it can be worn as they are, or by rolling them up. In this piece, I especially love the front side which hangs freely in a cool way! It looks really nice inside black leather jacket and with a pair of white jeans and black knee-high boots. This will be my favorite seasonal piece of clothing from now on.

Lacy Revival on Black Long Sleeve Wrap

Some Picks:
New - S, M, L, XL, XXL  Falling Ginkgos in Mocha

New - S, M, L, XL, XXL - Hipster Hoodie in Nude

S, M, L, XL, XXL - Flutterby Dolman Sleeve Tee in Mocha

New - S, M, L, XL  Beautiful Branches Dress in Moss Green

New - XS, S, M, L, XLPocket Watch Slouchy Sweatshirt in Heathered Red

About the Company:
We just had our 5th birthday for ellembee! I used to be a bedding designer in Southern Calfiornia, and I got laid off in 2008. I moved back home to Detroit, YouTubed how to screenprint, and started ellembee. And as they say, the rest is history!

BUY IT: Hoodies/jackets women are between $35.00 - $48.00; maternity/onesies are $19.00; long sleeve women are between $25.00 - $44.00; short sleeve women are between $29.00 - $36.00; tanks women are between $29.00 - $32.00. Don't forget to check the dudes and scarves sections and also dresses/skirts/sleepwear section. Also, in the sales section, all the items are $20.00!

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive an item of choice up to $50 value excluding gift cards.

Daily Deal - S and M Falling leaves in Apple Green

* I wasn't paid, but I received the abovementioned free items for review purpose. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

April 15, 2013

Oasap Classic Chiffon Dress: Buy now to Save 25% OFF!


Wrapped V-neck High Waist Maxi Dress

Elegant Vintage Chiffon Dress

Elegant Round Neck Sleeveless Maxi Dress

V-neck Three-quarter Sleeve Floral Print Dress

Fabulous Tassels Embellished V-neck Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Dress

Fabulous Long Sleeves Chiffon Dress

Elegant V-neck Sleeveless Maxi Chiffon Dress

Color Block Sleeveless Maxi Chiffon Dress