October 28, 2012

Simple Ways to Stay Happy When Colder Seasons Settle in

You may find yourself surrounded by fall time wear and colder weather, and it may affect your mood after a while. After all, what happened to summer time? It seemed to banish without a trace. However, instead of letting the colder weather and changes get you down, show your mood and the weather whose boss. Implement small changes into your life daily and pretty soon you’ll be your happy self again. You don’t want your friends and family members catching on to your seasonal sadness!

Stock up on Vitamins – 
Part of staying healthy and maintaining a happy mood is by taking your daily vitamins, which includes the important ones such as Vitamin C, B, D, and more. Vitamin D is especially important because during the fall and winter seasons you may not see the sun as much, which means your body won’t be getting enough sunshine. Sunshine affects your mood, which is why you may need to take Vitamin D to continue smiling. 

Another vitamin you may not have thought of taking is the supplement horse chestnut. Horse chestnut helps reduce the likelihood of getting varicose veins as you age and developing other circulatory problems. Plus, if you suffer from PMS or other menstrual issues like most women do from time to time, horse chestnut is known to reduce the tiredness, pain, and water retention that goes along with your monthly period. Stay happy by treating your mood swings with vitamins that will help improve your daily living and also improve your outlook on life simultaneously.

Make Plans and Participate in Delightful Activities – 
Even though it is cold outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out from time to time. Make plans with your friends to a see a movie or take your kids to go sledding and laugh as you watch them sled down the hill. There are numerous activities to participate in during the cooler seasons and if it means being more creative, put your thinking cap on and come up with new hobbies that you’ve been meaning to try. Staying active will keep you smiling and also make you glad that you’re choosing to be happy even when the cold seasons make you feel otherwise.

Look Forward to the Holidays – 
For most people the holidays create a contagious cheer, so it should bring a smile to your face as well! Look forward to holiday festivities, drinking hot apple cider, and decorating the Christmas tree, to name just a few exciting holiday events to enjoy. All of these activities are always nice to experience, so look forward to them with joy in your heart. If the holidays bring back some unfortunate bad memories, recreate new ones that will bring happiness to your home and those around you. 

Sierra is a writer and owner of Paige One and she always has a smile on her face, even when the colder seasons take place and threaten to steal her joy.

October 27, 2012

$150 Paypal Cash Giveaway Winner

I didn't host this giveaway, I was just a participator, but I want to share the winner with you.
You can check the winner on the Rafflecopter form here:

October 24, 2012

Amazon Coupons Finder: Don't You Wanna Get Up To 70% Off?

We love shopping and we absolutely want to save some money while enjoying it. So, I'm sure most of us look for the discount coupons or deals before buying something on internet. And Amazon is one of the largest online stores that we make purchase. I encountered this site - APCodes - and was amazed how they provide the discount information for the products found on Amazon. They categorized the discounts by the rows such as beauty, clothing, jewelry, music, toys, groceries, home, kitchen, etc, and by the columns as 70% off, 50% off and 25% off. When you click one of the "view discounts" sections, you directly go to Amazon where the discounted products are listed, so you can make your choice. It's an easy way to find the discounted products according to the categories, but of course when the link lands on Amazon, you see there are hundreds and thousands of discounted products, so it may be hard to choose what to buy :) So, it would be better if it could be more specific in this regard, but the idea is good anyway.

October 23, 2012

My Recent Shopping :)

I had some Romwe discount checks on hand, so I used them on these.

The collars are very popular nowadays, and I ordered this multi-rivet point collar; I'm planning to use it during our photo shoot with my band. And coming to the gloves, my boyfriend has such a thing and I was jealous of him :P So I ordered these leather-look punk gloves, but my brother said that he could steal them from me :D

This is a gold colored fingernail ring. Interesting piece ;) Actually I wanted to order the silver or black colored one, but they were out of stock.

I fell in love with this skull heads and bones ring. I always dreamt of having such a ring :) I will use it in our gigs, or photo/video shoot as it very well suits the soul of metal music :)


I won this 4 GB USB flash drive from Fırsatı Sepetle through a local giveaway at Kadınca & Kararınca blog. They also sent me two cute keychains, I really liked them :)
ARV: $9

October 22, 2012

Discovering if it is Time to Take the Plunge and Own a Home

If you’re considering owning a home it’s first important to recognize that experience and knowledge are both important factors to a successful home ownership. By planning ahead and learning the much needed steps and skills in regards to purchasing a home, the home buying process will be a lot easier. Plus, you’ll be ready to answer any questions that come your way from lawyers, lenders, and more. That way when you find hard money loans in Arizona that work for you, you’ll be knowledgeable and ready to go through the process successfully.

Are You Financially Ready?
Of course there are excellent hard money lenders in Phoenix, but unless you have good credit owning a home will prove to be more challenging. Plan ahead so that you will have good credit by the time you purchase a home. Make sure that at least one year prior to buying a home that all of your credit cards are either paid off in full or you are making payments regularly. Also, make sure that you have never bounced a rent check or missed a car payment. Debt should be paid off in order for you to be ready to move forward with a home purchase.

Figure Out What You Want
Whether you will be purchasing a home for the first time or buying a home for the second time, you need to figure out ahead of time where you want to live and what kind of home you want. Are you moving to a new community because you changed jobs or are having a baby along the way? Do you know how soon you need to move and do you have a plan in mind? What else do you need to learn in regards to real estate? There’s always more to learn and the better you are prepared the easier the process will be.

Define Your Goals
If you’re still having trouble figuring out where you want to live and understanding everything there is to know behind owning a home, it is worthwhile to make a list of the questions you have. Do your research and find out what will work best for you and your family.

Down Payment and Financing
Of course you should know that financing and homes are definitely intertwined. Down payment is known as the mortgage or debt and financing is the difference between the down payment and purchase price. With the economy the way it is it may be challenging coming up with the money to purchase a home, however loan programs have changed through the years and now require a five percent down payment or less in some cases. Plus, many programs will allow you to purchase real estate with virtually zero down payments.

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She can’t wait to own her own home one day and appreciates that she can rely on outstanding money lenders to help her through the process.

October 17, 2012


I won this wonderful starfish ring from Chicnova. I loved it and it looks great!

I won these cute pomegranate seed shaped earrings from a local giveaway at WURM.

October 16, 2012

October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me :)

I'm officially 27 now. The years pass so quickly. I don't want to draw close to my thirties yet, I have so many things to do :) I haven't had a decent job with social insurance yet, and I also haven't got married :P Anyway, let's hope for the best and now it's time to show you the presents that my friends gave to me.
* By the way, as our birthdays with my boyfriend are very close to each other, we invited our band mates to a café last week and celebrated our birthdays at the same time together (we are both Libra) :)

This treble clef ring is from the female keyboardist of our band :) I really liked it.

This mustard colored sweater is from the guitarist of our band. The size fits very well. And the hearts on the sleeves are very cute :)

This has been the most useful gift and it's of course from my boyfriend (he is also the other guitarist of our band). As I have some monitoring problem on stage and during rehearsals, he bought these Sony in-ear headphones, so that I can be comfortable :) I will use them in our gig on this Sunday, I hope.

And these are the souvenirs that he gave to me after he returned from his summer holiday.

Pomegranate-shaped picture keeper. It's not clear here, but there is a cute bird design on it. I haven't been able to put a picture on it yet.

Pocket mirror. It's always in my bag, I'm a very well-groomed lady and a fashionista:) Ah, don't believe it :P

I fell in love with these! Two keychains as a singer and a heart stealer.

* I can accept your birthday wishes with pleasure :)

October 9, 2012

Get Soooo Fashionable with MaxNina

I don't love the boiling hot weather of summer, and also I don't like the freezing cold weather of winter. I love the middle :) But the cool weather has started to make itself felt a little. I know you want to look stunning in any condition and in any occasion, so ladies, are you ready to renew your autumn wardrobe with some cool, elegant and beautiful pieces, and also to prepare for the winter? I chose very chic sweaters and cardigans for you together with a few great jewelry items from! I'm sure you will immediately start combining them in your mind, and you will want to go for shopping :) And this company offers wholesale clothing, so the prices are unbelievably reasonable!

* All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I will be provided with a gift card.

October 3, 2012


I won this Erabelle long lasting brow pencil from Ice Frost Beauty Diary. I tried it on my mom's brow, and I can say that it's really good.
ARV: $27

October 1, 2012

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