January 30, 2012

*** GIVEAWAY: Mary's Moxee *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
I started crocheting 4 years ago. And opened my Etsy shop a few months ago. I am a stay at home Mom with 4 kids and I home educate them, so I love being able to bless people with my skills as well as staying home with the kids. I LOVE what I do!

Grey & Pink Owl Hat with Feather PoofsCloche Style Hat with Cluster of Big Rosettes

OFFER: She offers free shipping to anyone who goes to her Facebook page and “Likes” her page.

BUY IT: You can find hats, cloche hats, beanies, accessories, vintage baby dresses, crocheted hats, and aviator hats for women and children! Prices start from $7.50.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a Light Grey Cadet Style Hat With Black and Grey Accents. (Value: $32.00 USD)
Light Grey And Black Newsboy Cadet Style Hat

January 27, 2012

Winner Redraw - International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

I waited for a few days, but 3 of the winners didn't respond:( So, the new winners are: Kim M - Alisha M - Cean L.

January 26, 2012

*** GIVEAWAY: O.C. Styles *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
Growing up around a family full of creative people, I have always been inspired to create, craft and sew. Being a mom of a beautiful little girl and a wife, I put my creativity to use everyday within my family. My daughter inspires me daily with the way she sees the world around her. I love to create, sew and craft. I am a crazy about fabric! Having such passion for the beautiful and creative things, O.C. Styles brings all of these together to create unique, stylish, gifts for everyone.

Pleated Clutch- Weddings--Smoke Silver Taffeta with Flocked Black Velveteen Damask ACANTHUS Print with Black Satin Bow and CrystalMini Wallet-Card Holder  Charcoal and Ivory Bella Porte with Split Ring Key Holder

OFFER: Coupon Code JRNL0112 for 10% off your entire order; does not apply to shipping. Enter the coupon code at checkout.

BUY IT: Journals & organizers are between $11.99 - $14.99; gift sets are between $14.48 - $37.46; coffee & hot drink sleeves are $7.99; card holders & coin purses are between $7.99 - $9.99; travel accessories are $11.99; key fobs & key chains are $6.49; purses & bags are between $17.99 - $47.98; bridal packs are between $97.15 - $201.53.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a Handcrafted Organizer-Journal of your choice. (Value: $14.99 USD)
Journal Organizer Notepad Clutch MADISON in Red & White Paper and Pen Included  As Seen At The GBK Prime Time Emmy

*** GIVEAWAY: Impatiens Designs *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
Pronounced "Impatience", and named after the little ground-covering flower, Impatiens Designs hopes to be your favourite costume jewelry boutique. I use the highest quality materials possible in my pieces, and the only pieces that make it here are the ones that I'm happy with and would wear myself.
I've been a jeweler for nearly 20 years now, and i'm still learning. I started out beading, and it's what I always come back to, despite my love of all things wire-wrapped. I've flirted with many a technique, including soldering, metal work, and even porcelain bead making, but I always come back to the wire and beading.
Many of my pieces are one of a kind, simply because I don't purchase most supplies in wholesale quantities. I buy small runs of findings and pre-shaped/-cut/-polished beads or gemstones, and tend to buy only enough to do the project I have in mind. This means that most of the time, once an item is purchased, it's gone forever.
I don't make or use many patterns, as my design method is incredibly organic and tends to be governed more by feel than anything. Often, the end result is nothing like what I started out thinking of.
I work in a variety of materials, including vintage components and beads, modern components and beads, as well as gemstones and precious metals. I have a habit of taking pieces and parts that you wouldn't normally think of together, and blending them into my pieces in ways that, while not entirely unheard of, are somewhat unexpected.

OFFER: 15Giveaway will give the buy 15% off on any item on

BUY IT: You can find great accessories, bracelets, earrings, finger rings, necklaces and set pieces in this shop. The prices start from $6.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive Simple Hoop Earrings. (Value: $31.60 USD)

*** GIVEAWAY: Charitable Creations Jewelry *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
Charitable Creations Jewelry specializes in hand stamped personalized jewelry and gifts. We also offer wire wrapped designs and hand forged rings and bracelets. New items are always be added so be sure to visit often or join our email list for special discounts, news and more. (Mailing list sign up is available on our website.)

Sterling Silver Washer Necklace with Pearl - Off Center HoleHand Stamped Little Birdie Earrings
BUY IT: You can find bracelets & anklets, earrings, necklaces, rings for fingers & toes in the jewelry section. Don't forget to check the collections section, you can see interesting things that will attract your attention.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to Charitable Creations Jewelry.

January 25, 2012

*** GIVEAWAY: Dazzlme *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
One dime an a box of animal crackers and my modeling career was off to a great start. Great that is, until I grew up and realized that 5' 2" does not qualify as runway material. No matter, for instilled deep within me by my mother, Vogue model and fashion/beauty consultant, was a love for art, fashion and design that was to take me down many exciting roads.
Learning to paint (canvases, not houses) later gave birth to a lovely little art gallery, Camille's Paintings & Art, in Scottsdale. Later, with the 'model' still crying to get out, I trained at John Casablancas. "You're too short for runway, but with that smile you could sell a box of Tide to anyone", and thus began my rather brief career in television.
As an artist, I've always had a passion for the bold, dramatic and unusual and finally found my niche in fashion and design. If it's unique and stands out in a crowd, then you'll probably find it in my closet - right next to my hats. I love hats because of their incredible versatility. Dress up an outfit with a glitzy black cap studded with rhinestones, hit the gym in your favorite distressed khaki, and always look fabulous even on a bad hair day.
Unable to find unique hats that excited me, I decided there was only one thing to do - design my own. So after many months of, "Hey, I love your hat, where can I buy one?", I created, Dazzlme.
So what's next on the horizon? New hat designs, of course, but in the works is an exciting, unique line of clothing designed for women 40's and up who want to stand out in a crowd looking beautiful, sexy and adventurous, but always with class, elegance and style. For that's what Dazzlme is all about - 'Saving you from the ordinary'.

BUY IT: You can find very elegant hats and bags in this shop. One-of-a-kind hats, baseball caps, custom hats, fascinators, fashion hats, fedoras, holiday hats, men's hats, military caps, newsboy caps, special occasion hats, sun hats, western hats and handbags. Hats start from $42.00, and bags start from $45.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to Dazzlme by Camille.
* There are three mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter form. You have to do all to be eligible.

January 24, 2012

*** REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Lizabettas *** (CLOSED)

Here we have another fabulous Etsy shop from US. It's Lizabettas! Its owner Tiffany sent me a Bronze Tree Necklace ($12.00 value) for review. It came with a matching (bronze) ball chain and a chiffon gift bag in matching color with two business cards. I love this kind of details :)

This high quality handcrafted pendant measures 1 inch diameter. It is produced using an archival high quality image which is then protected with a crystal clear glass dome that beautifully enhances the artwork.

I must say that it's much more beautiful than I expected! It gives a 3-dimensional sense when you look at it and it has a vivid appearance. The chain is long enough to wear on my neck without opening the clips, because to open and close the ball chains can sometimes be a little difficult (I pushed it up for you when taking picture; it's a little longer than that). And the color is very nice; you can wear it with anything black and brown and it reminds me the melancholic weather. Imagine yourself wearing this pendant when walking on the yellow leaves among the autumn trees. How great! All I can say is that it's the product of a high-quality job.

PS: She has hundreds of fantastic designs on her shop.

Turquoise Butterlfy Necklace - Glass Dome Pendant Vintage Copper, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Art Pendant by LizabettasFloral Asian Art Necklace - Pink Flowers Teal - Glass Dome Pendant Silver, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Art Pendant by Lizabettas

My Favorite Three from the Shop
- Goth Inspired Butterfly Necklace = $12.00
- Copper Tree Necklace = $12.00
- Black Vintage Clock Necklace = $12.00

Goth Inspired Butterfly Necklace, Glass Dome Pendant Gunmetal, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Wearable Art Jewelry by LizabettasCopper Tree Necklace - Glass Dome Pendant Vintage Copper, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Art Pendant by LizabettasBlack Vintage Clock Necklace - Glass Dome Pendant Gunmetal, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Art Pendant by Lizabettas

From the Sponsor:
I am Italian American & my middle name is Elizabeth. The Italian translation for Elizabeth is Elizabettas so to make it more unique I took the E off of it. I love doing affordable jewelry. I'm not a trendy person but when I see something I like I have no excuses for because I know it speaks to me for a reason that's why I like making eclectic jewelry so I can change my pendant like I change my mind. It's something that I feel speaks to the individual and artist in everyone.

Black Cat Necklace - Glass Dome Pendant - GunmetalPastel Floral Locket Necklace, Sweet Romantic Locket to Keep all Your Secrets, Comes with 22" Matching Fine Ball ChainWhite Tree in Blue Necklace - Glass Dome Pendant Vintage Bronze, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Art Pendant by Lizabettas

VISIT IT: (Etsy) (Facebook)!/lizabettas (Twitter)

BUY IT: Prices are between $2.00 - $32.00. You can find chains and pendants (also personalized) in seasonal & holiday, retro & vintage & nostalgia, music & movies & fantasy, quotes & sayings, animals & nature & spiritual, art nouveau & 19th century, and cultural art images.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a White Butterflies in Green - Vintage Copper Necklace. (Value: $12.00 USD)
White Butterflies Necklace, Glass Dome Pendant Vintage Copper, Picture Pendant, Photo Pendant, Wearable Art Jewelry by Lizabettas

January 23, 2012

*** GIVEAWAY: ModernMary *** (CLOSED)

About the Company:
MODERNMARY, established by Seema S. Sahin in 2008, is a fashion brand for the modern woman. MODERNMARY's designs are inspired by the beauty of modesty. Our unique aesthetic vision captures the essence of modesty without compromising style. Seema believes that fashion and modesty are not opposing forces. When harmonized they create beautiful silhouettes that are both feminine and modern.

MODERNMARY's designs are available online at our Boutique outside of the Washington DC area. We featured our Winter Collection at DC Fashion Week's International Couture Collections 2011 Show. From ready wear to custom designed evening wear, MODERNMARY's collection speaks to all women looking for feminine, trendy, and unique designs.

BUY IT: Tops start from $27.30; dresses start from $29.50; accessories (scarf-jewelry-handbags) start from $20.00. Don't forget to check the sale section. Free shipping everyday on all US orders over $65.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a Pleated Ruffle Belted Dress. (Value: $62.00 USD)
* There are two mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter form. You have to do both to be eligible.

*** REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Jooniebeads Treasures *** (CLOSED)

Today, I have a great Etsy shop to introduce;
Jooniebeads Treasures from US. Amy Thornton, the nice owner of this shop, sent me a pair of earrings to review in $15.00 value. These earrings have the shades of beautiful blue and green acrylic set in copper and have blue & green crystals in the middle.

She sent me this pair with a black hanger on fiber for protection in a white box. And she put her label sticker on the box; I like it. Also she sent me two business cards; it's a very good option to contact.
First of all, I really like the colors; it gives joy to the soul indeed. The first impression of these earrings that they made me feel happy, because the colors are vivid. You can wear them with jeans or dresses carrying blue, green and brown shades. They fit any occassion well.
Then, another thing I like is that the hooks are long, that's good. Sometimes, the hooks of earrings can be short and very thick and I can't wear them; they don't fit to my ear hole. But these earrings were made very well and not too light but not so heavy; however, you ears won't be tired :)
By the way, I'm usually allergic to most earrings, but I didn't feel any itchy sensation with these.

PS: All orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping, message her and she will set up a reserved listing for you or order and she will refund you the shipping.

Pendant necklace in rust and blackWwirled glass dangle earrings in blue and green

My Favorite Three from the Shop:
- Butterfly Earrings in Wine and Copper = $12.00
- Mayan Shield Silver Earrings = $18.00
- Black on Antiqued Silver Marquise Link Bracelet = $22.00

Butterfly earrings in wine and copperMayan Sheild silver earringsBlack on antiqued silver marquise link bracelet

From the Sponsor:
Well first of all don’t like talking about myself, but I'll give it a try. I am an Army wife, a retired homeschool mom and an artist. My passion in life is learning new things. I am always reading or creating a dozen things at one time because once I figure something out I'm on to the next thing.
I got started making jewelry because a friend taught my daughter and I was trying to support her interest and I got hooked. I love playing with color and texture and being able to put things together in interesting ways.
I am always excited when someone liked my work and have been known to give things away for a compliment.

Pink pearl cluster earrings on gol wiresDangling heart earrings in gold, silver and copperDark amber ale glass dangle earrings

OFFER: For 25% discount, use the code 25off.

VISIT IT: (Etsy) (Blog) (Facebook)!/jooniebean (Twitter)

BUY IT: You can find charming and fun earrings, cool necklaces, and eye-catching bracelets between $36.00 - $10.00 in this Etsy shop.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a sparkling petite amethyst crystal earrings and a $10 gift certificate to Jooniebeads Treasures. (Value: $30.00 USD)
Sparkling petite amethyst crystal earrings