October 4, 2011

Some Innovative Celebration Ideas; Become The Party Guru

Some innovative celebration ideas for you to use
We all love a good celebration. Be it from a birthday, an anniversary, a special holiday, a hen or bachelor party to a wedding. Some of us love planning celebrations and have a knack for it but some of us are lost for ideas and would love to throw a memorable and amazing party but need help when it comes to celebration ideas.
Well do not stress, after reading this article, you will be the talk of the town and an infamous party guru. We are going to discuss some of the usual celebrations we need to throw for others or would like to throw for oursleves and we will inspire you with some amazing and innovative celebration ideas.
21st celebration ideas
This is the big one. This one and your 30th but at this age the world is still your oyster and all is fine. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with themed celebration ides. This is always fun, seeing everyone dressed up and attempt to dance in their costumes will keep you entertained for hours. Choose a theme you love and something you are passionate about. A sit down dinner is always nice to give the opportunity to be civilized before the celebrations commence and invest in a DJ that will play music for all the genres of the people attending. Make sure there is a steady flow of alcohol and if budget permits maybe offer beers and wine and spirits you have to buy.
New Year celebration ideas
New Years Eve always has so much hype associated with it and sometimes this breeds room for disappointments. A lot of us attend an overpriced club party where it takes an hour to get a drink and we cannot even have a decent dialogue with the good looking person at the bar. An innovative celebration idea is celebrating on a New Years Eve cruise. It is special enough for a New Years Eve celebration but intimate enough to have an incredible night with friends and literally rock the boat all night dancing, drinking and eating.
30th birthday celebration ideas
This is the other big one we were talking about. Also a lot of people opt for a themed birthday party in attempt to bring back nostalgic memories of their 21st celebrations. We have one of the more innovative celebration ideas for those of us that did not celebrate our 21st birthdays or loved their ones so much that they would want to re-live them. How about a 21st birthday celebration for your 30th birthday? Just an innovative birthday celebration idea you could use.
Hen party celebration ideas
So much emphasis is put on the wedding and the groom’s bachelor party but what about the hen party? Girls can party just as hard if not harder than our male counterparts so let us discuss some innovative and fun celebration ideas. You need to have the extremely wild and inappropriate costume, that is a prerequisite, then an awesome venue, delicious food and a steady amount of alcohol laced pink cocktails. The venue will set the mood and pace of the hen party celebrations and what better way to surprise the wife to be than with a once in a life time hen party boat cruise!
These are just a few innovative celebration ideas. Just think outside the box and do your research on the person having the celebration and you can’t go wrong.
Dave Tucker loves celebrations and had a great time giving away some of his celebration ideas.

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