October 19, 2011

8 Modern Paint Styles

Interior design is about creating beauty that lasts, while upholding the revered style of various homeowners. Traditionally, when homeowners paint rooms or objects in their household they choose basic colors and textures that match. However, modern paint styles have begun to include various colors, textures, and patterns within the same room. This transition has been made in order to add distinctiveness to a person’s home. We’ve compiled the eight most popular modern paint styles found within the interior design world.
Stepping Up The Paint
Painted staircasse are fairly common in modern houses. The painted staircase adds character within a room without deterring far from traditional paint styles. There are multiple ways to go about this, from painting a pattern on specific parts of the stairs to painting a faux rug in a different color onto the staircase. Whichever design you choose make sure it supports the style you offer in each room within the rest of your home.
If These Walls Could Talk
This style has become increasingly popular throughout the past two decades. The accent wall became popular in bedrooms, and has made its way to being happily accepted in any room of the house. The best way to include this style in your home is to choose a vibrant color as the accent color and a complimentary, basic color for the rest of the room.
Difference In Details
The crown molding within a room is usually considered a basic detail, painted white, and is given no extra thought. However, recently interior designers have begun painting crown molding a different color. The two most popular approaches to this new technique are to either paint the molding black or the same color as the walls, but a shade lighter or darker.
Something To Look Up To
Ceilings have almost always been painted white. However, modern paint techniques challenge this concept by accepting the paint color as anything but white. There is no designated room that this style has taken over; instead you see this new style in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. One tip to keep in mind before trying this style out in your home is to paint the walls a subtle, basic color and intertwine the color of the ceiling in details within the room, with pictures, candles, towels, etc.
Stenciled In
Wallpaper was a popular component in homes during the 70s and 80s, and has begun to make its way back into the modern interior design world. However, there is a difference between what was popular in the past and what is popular now. Homeowners have begun using stencils and painting the stencil of their choice paterned across the walls to make the design look similar to wallpaper.
Quote It
If stenciling had a cousin, it would be quotes painted on the wall. This technique similar to others has not been specified to any room, but is most commonly seen in bedrooms. Quotes can be painted onto staircases, and furniture as well. This technique is very flexible, and only requires a little creativity.
Diverse Furniture Design
Painting furniture is another component of modern interior design. It inspires homeowners to be creative and do something different. It’s common to find pieces of furniture that have been painted but another idea is to paint pictures and designs onto the furniture. You can often find these pieces of furniture in antique-heavy rooms or children’s rooms.
To Paint The Floor, Or To Not Paint The Floor? That Is The Question...
The last design that has become exceedingly popular is one of the most bizarre yet, painting your floors. The image this notion creates is similar to tile but the interesting element this notion holds is the ability to change your design as often as you want. There are many different designs people have used when painting their floors from shapes and stripes to simply, a solid color.
Regardless of your style, these eight different concepts have transformed the painting techniques of today. They offer homeowners the opportunity to add a fun, unique quality to their home. Louisville painters, as well as painters around the nation, have become well established in these techniques to meet the needs of modern paint enthusiasts of today.
Caroline McCauley is a writer for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, which specializes in modern paint techniques.

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