October 31, 2011

*** GIVEAWAY: Kennedy Bentley *** (CLOSED)

I have a great giveaway for you, who cares a lot about friendship, by courtesy of Brittany Sorensen, the owner of the nice Etsy shop
Kennedy Bentley.

purple and jewel friendship bracelet

From the Shop Owner

When I was little, my mother taught me how to make friendship bracelets one day, because I was bored. Ever since then I have been hooked. I love putting colors together that people wouldn’t normally think to put together. I want to make Friendship bracelets that not just teens would wear, I try to make bracelets that appeal to everyone.

Elaine Collection: Chevron gray with peach beads Friendship Bracelet

OFFER: GIVEAWAY20 for 20% off your purchase!

BUY IT: Friendship bracelets between $9.00 - $4.00; the Elaine collection between $14.50 - $4.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a Tribal inspired Friendship Bracelet. (Value: $15.00 USD)
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* I wasn't paid or didn't receive anything in any way. I'm not responsible for the shipping of the prize. I'm not affiliated with this company.

Quick Update :)

I'm finally back! Last week, we moved our house and my internet has just been connected. I was out of internet for a whole week! So, I couldn't update my blog. It was really difficult. And as you may notice, I extended the deadline of the Tavia Sanza giveaway, as I couldn't promote it well. Come enter it, you can win a plexiglas necklace!

October 24, 2011

Wayfaring Magnolia - WINNER

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October 22, 2011

Partly Sunny Studio - WINNER

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October 21, 2011

STRAIGHT TALK - Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
The life is really expensive nowadays, and I love the idea that I Feel Richer with Android - Straight Talk because I cut my cell phone bill in half. You have to be crazy to be on a contract these days when you can get everything you need without one. Imagine the amount of money you could save switching to Straight Talk. There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. (This is very good considering that lots of companies try to trick people). Great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity are also a good point. Finally, Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. How great! I'd like to know what you would buy with the extra money you save? Think about it :)
Straight Talk will provide you with all the apps and games you need. It's a smart phone with a smart plan, and as always, no contract. You will have The power of Android phones, at only $45/month for unlimited use.
The “All You Need Plan” meets even the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Unlimited Monthly service is only $45, and includes calls, text, picture messaging, and web. I think it's a fair price for these services. Imagine unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web for a whole year, for only $499.00! Also, 411 calls are included at no extra charge. This is free from activation, reactivation, or termination fees.
And now, the people who have relatives or friends abroad should read this! Straight Talk International Long Distance Service is a flexible prepaid calling service that enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates.
Reconditioned phones are available from $10.00 with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability. Great for young users! The choice is hard among the amazing smart phones, touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth®.
For more information on what these phones offer, please check out these YouTube videos:

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

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October 19, 2011

The Sylvan Horn - WINNER

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8 Modern Paint Styles

Interior design is about creating beauty that lasts, while upholding the revered style of various homeowners. Traditionally, when homeowners paint rooms or objects in their household they choose basic colors and textures that match. However, modern paint styles have begun to include various colors, textures, and patterns within the same room. This transition has been made in order to add distinctiveness to a person’s home. We’ve compiled the eight most popular modern paint styles found within the interior design world.
Stepping Up The Paint
Painted staircasse are fairly common in modern houses. The painted staircase adds character within a room without deterring far from traditional paint styles. There are multiple ways to go about this, from painting a pattern on specific parts of the stairs to painting a faux rug in a different color onto the staircase. Whichever design you choose make sure it supports the style you offer in each room within the rest of your home.
If These Walls Could Talk
This style has become increasingly popular throughout the past two decades. The accent wall became popular in bedrooms, and has made its way to being happily accepted in any room of the house. The best way to include this style in your home is to choose a vibrant color as the accent color and a complimentary, basic color for the rest of the room.
Difference In Details
The crown molding within a room is usually considered a basic detail, painted white, and is given no extra thought. However, recently interior designers have begun painting crown molding a different color. The two most popular approaches to this new technique are to either paint the molding black or the same color as the walls, but a shade lighter or darker.
Something To Look Up To
Ceilings have almost always been painted white. However, modern paint techniques challenge this concept by accepting the paint color as anything but white. There is no designated room that this style has taken over; instead you see this new style in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. One tip to keep in mind before trying this style out in your home is to paint the walls a subtle, basic color and intertwine the color of the ceiling in details within the room, with pictures, candles, towels, etc.
Stenciled In
Wallpaper was a popular component in homes during the 70s and 80s, and has begun to make its way back into the modern interior design world. However, there is a difference between what was popular in the past and what is popular now. Homeowners have begun using stencils and painting the stencil of their choice paterned across the walls to make the design look similar to wallpaper.
Quote It
If stenciling had a cousin, it would be quotes painted on the wall. This technique similar to others has not been specified to any room, but is most commonly seen in bedrooms. Quotes can be painted onto staircases, and furniture as well. This technique is very flexible, and only requires a little creativity.
Diverse Furniture Design
Painting furniture is another component of modern interior design. It inspires homeowners to be creative and do something different. It’s common to find pieces of furniture that have been painted but another idea is to paint pictures and designs onto the furniture. You can often find these pieces of furniture in antique-heavy rooms or children’s rooms.
To Paint The Floor, Or To Not Paint The Floor? That Is The Question...
The last design that has become exceedingly popular is one of the most bizarre yet, painting your floors. The image this notion creates is similar to tile but the interesting element this notion holds is the ability to change your design as often as you want. There are many different designs people have used when painting their floors from shapes and stripes to simply, a solid color.
Regardless of your style, these eight different concepts have transformed the painting techniques of today. They offer homeowners the opportunity to add a fun, unique quality to their home. Louisville painters, as well as painters around the nation, have become well established in these techniques to meet the needs of modern paint enthusiasts of today.
Caroline McCauley is a writer for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, which specializes in modern paint techniques.

October 18, 2011

*** GIVEAWAY: Tavia Sanza *** (CLOSED)

Today's giveaway is from Tavia Sanza, the beautiful shop of Unique Handmade Statement Jewelry and Contemporary Art.

Wings of Night

From the Shop Owner:
A little bit about me...
My mother was a metal smith so I grew up around jewelry. I have been making things as long as I can remember. Simple bead stringing at first and then whatever process or material I could put my hands on. In college I chose to get a degree in sculpture instead of jewelry. By shifting my focus so dramatically I found new insight into myself and my art that allowed me expand.
While I was working with art I started to wonder why I love jewelry. I think I am attracted to the intimacy that we have with jewelry, it touches our skin, and is a part of who we are for a time. It effects how people perceive us and communicates to others our style and interests. Art work is often more intimate with the artist, while jewelry as a functional art is intimate with the owner. Each piece of jewelry acts as a talisman that connects us to a person a place or a time. Although memories are still there regardless a piece of jewelry can make the connection to a certain memory stronger. There is something comforting about that.
I draw inspiration from several styles and techniques trying to create something that is a balance between opposites, something that is organized and modern yet playful and organic. I want to make jewelry that looks forward to the future by utilizing modern materials and processes like color coating and laser-cutting, while drawing inspiration from the lines and craftsmanship of ancient cultures.
What I ultimately hope to achieve is to create objects that people will love and that will work within the dialog of their lives.
PS: You can also check her website.

Green and Black Wire Bib Necklace

OFFER: THANKSFORTHELOVE for 10% off everything in her shop.

BUY IT: "Laser cut plexiglas" between $32.00 - $8.00; "frozen" between $64.00 - $17.00; "retro and vintage" between $120.00 - $6.00; "all natural" between $97.00 - $9.00; "organic forms" between $325.00 - $21.00; "petals" between $56.00 - $19.00; "crystal and chains" between $278.00 - $32.00; "crochet" between $42.00 - $16.00; "art" between $45.00 - $10.00; and also there is a "sale" section where the prices are between $135.00 - $8.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a Plexiglas Necklace. (Value: $8.00 USD)
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Single Plexi Drop

October 16, 2011

My Top 5 Unusual and Coloured Toilet Seats

Ever since I saw my grandmother’s blue plastic toilet seat covered in a frolicking dolphin design as a four year old child, I have harboured quite an interest in-out-of the-ordinary toilet seats. No, I am not a waste loving weirdo; rather, I have never really understood why anybody would not want to jazz up their porcelain throne with a seat more attractive than the “bog” standard (groan!) white plastic or wooden varieties.
According to CBBC, the average person spends a total of 3 years of their life sat on the toilet and therefore in my opinion, everyone should try and make their toilet look as inviting as possible!
The following list details the five best brightly coloured toilet seats that I have ever laid my eyes (but not my buttocks) on:

Unicorn and Rainbow Toilet Seat

This whimsical little number was hand painted by “omgurl” on custom and handmade wares website Etsy. It’s amazing how a simple rainbow can transform executing your “number twos” into an act that is quite magical!
If like me you simply NEED this toilet seat in your life, you will disappointed to know that the one off design already found a home back in 2009. Booo! (Or should that be “Poooo!”?)

Speedy Mouse Toilet Seat

This bog seat is a little “cheesy” but who can resist the quirkiness of the odd, cheese hole shaped lid? This seat is also a hand painted affair and matching toilet roll and brush holders are available. What better whey to drop your curds? (I mean...turds. Obviously.)
This toilet seat can be purchased for £35.44 from

Jammin’ Johns Natural Guitarlet Toilet Seat

The idea “behind” this little beauty occurred when its designer made a guitar out of a toilet seat and several decades later realised that he could “flip the lid” on the process! John makes a number of different guitar shaped toilet seats (in both acoustic and electric styles) in addition to a couple of piano versions. John’s business motto of “music to your rear” could not be more accurate!
Each seat retails at around $200 (approximately £130) and are available from

Reefer Madness Toilet Seat

This toilet seat comprises the poster for the retro classic film Reefer Madness – a propaganda film released in 1936 that dealt with the topic of smoking marijuana.
This seat is perfect for anyone who finds themselves with a dodgy tummy as a result of getting killer munchies! For everyone else, the bright red and yellow colours should appeal.
This toilet seat is available from the Etsy store ran by “toilux” fro $79 (£50 approx).

Alice in Wonderland Toilet Seat

This Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass seat is not only undeniably cute but I also find it quite hilarious. Why? Because should you install this seat, every time you approach your crapper you are going to see Alice’s scared expression and know that she is about to face something far more traumatic than a Jabberwocky!
This seat is also from the “toilux” Etsy store and retails for $79 (around £50).
The author of this guest post – Katherine Whitwine - recently took up the hobby of hand painting toilet seats in her spare time. She also has plans to eventually transform a couple of bath screens for members of her family.

October 14, 2011

Ways to Organize Your Small Living Space Look Bigger

When you are living in a small apartment or condominium, you want to make your home looks bigger. For practical reasons your intention is to use every area of the apartment for multiple purposes.
It’s seems to be a great idea, but sometime could be difficult to avoid clutter that can be create. However, with some tips you can reach your goal, your home to look bigger.

Furniture with storage & multitask furniture

1. When you are buying a new piece of furniture, look for something to increase storage capacity, without be disproportionate as volume. What do you think about an ottoman, coffee table or a little bench with a perfectly built-in for news papers and magazines?
2. If you don’t have a closet, armoires are a great choice, and you can find them in a huge variety of sizes and types. You can take also in consideration an “antique” trunk. A trunk will add style and charm to any décor. It is a great way to storage your cloths, blankets or books and in plus, you can use it as a coffee or side table.
3. Don’t forget the empty space under your bed. With few plastic containers or wicker baskets you can uncluttered your bedroom from the personal belongings.
4. For living room one of the best investments for your home theatre system is a media center with cabinets and drawers.
5. If your coffee table doesn’t have drawers, than consider some wicker baskets or other storage containers under table.
6. A built window seat with storage beneath it will add a characteristic charm to any room.
7. In conclusion every inch of any unused space should be utilized for storage.

Paint colors, Mirrors & Glass

1. Using different shades and tones of color can enhance the details of trims and walls, making the space to look more open, without borders.
2. Hanging mirrors will reflect the light, making the space brighter. A bright room will look bigger, anytime.
3. The same effect has glass-top tables and glass shelves. They will open the space and will reflect the light, obviously a better choice than opaque pieces.

Define the space

It is extremely important when you are living in apartments with an open floor plan, to try to figure your space for a daily routine. If your furniture it isn’t functional and not placed in the proper position, the room will look smaller than it is.
So, try to divide your open space, to create specific areas for eating, relaxation or entertaining. You can separate the different living areas with room dividers, large pots with plants or maybe bookcases. A nice sectional can be used to separate living area from dining area or a home-office area.

Odds and Ends

Look around you and you will find that, many from your old things can be reused to storage your stuff.
Toolboxes – store any stationary and other office supplies.
Flower pots – store kitchen utensils, making brushes
Old photo boxes – store painting supplies, scarves, gloves, etc.
You need only imagination and creativity and you can transform your cozy apartment in a well organized, uncluttered and comfortable living place.
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If you'd like to know more about contemporary living and how to build a house please visit my blog:

October 13, 2011

The Q1 Building, Gold Coast, Australia - Take a look inside...

Surfers Paradise, found in Australia’s Gold Coast, is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia. It is also one of the places where many high-rise buildings and apartments are mainly being used for residential purposes. These tall skyscrapers tower over the area surrounded by a wide, beautiful surfer’s beach. One of the buildings in Surfers Paradise that never fail to catch people’s eyes is the Q1 building. The Q1 or Queensland Number 1 became operational starting 2005 and is the 3rd tallest building used for residential purposes on earth. Q1 is also Australia’s tallest building. Q1 has the height of 322.5 m or 1,058 ft, with 275 m or 902 ft for roof height. The exterior of the building was inspired by the Sydney Opera House and the Olympic torch used in Sydney back in 2000. The Sunland Group, a development company that is based in Surfers Paradise, conceptualized and developed Q1. Sunland’s construction division also built the building.
Q1 residence and guests can choose 80 floors of one, two or three bedroom apartments and have full access to their resort facility. The building’s facilities include swimming pools and lap pool, two lagoons, small theatre, gymnasium, spa centre, and a ballroom. One of the highlights of the building is its beach observation deck on the 77 and 78 level called SkyPoint. The observation deck gives you a 360-degree view of Byron Bay and Brisbane. When dinning at Q1, guests can check out the cafes or dine in Absynthe, a French fusion restaurant and cafe. Guests can also check out the beach and the rest of the suburb.
The interior design of the building, like its exterior, has an urban style. All of the rooms in the building are finished with a sophisticated and chic style. Everything from the furniture to the carpet and the colors are well chosen to match the buildings modern design. The rooms are cozy and relaxing with carpet on the floor and big windows on the walls showing the view of the beach. The floor of the lobby, ballroom and theater has carpet, wood and marble. The building looks wonderful at night because of the lighting fixtures used. All in all, Q1 is a modern building for people looking to live in a relaxed and fun environment.
Q1’s location is ideal for weddings, conventions, and other gatherings. Besides the beautiful scenery, Q1 is also in the center of an area that is filled with events and activities. Surfers Paradise is also a popular location for Schoolies week, which is a weeklong vacation form school. Q1 is an ideal place to stay for a vacation. The area is also the host of many racing events such as the Champ Car World Series and Nikon Indy 300. American Travel Channel voted the beach of Surfers Paradise one of the best beaches in the world. During special occasions and holidays, Q1 also has little special shows such as a firework displays during New Year’s Day.
Beverley Parke owns the following flooring centres: Carpets Brisbane and Carpets Sunshine Coast.

October 12, 2011

Do You Love Coupons? I'm Sure You Do!

If you are a coupon addict, then you must visit WeUseCoupons! You will find tons of printable coupons or deals there. They have over 150,000 moms and dads and are registered with them and support each other. They also have extremely active coupon trading forums that allow readers to trade coupons with thousands of people daily. Their feedback system is similar to eBay's so when you make a trade, you can rate the trade! They also have a brand new iPhone, iPad and Android app that is FREE to download. Come, visit WeUseCoupons now!

Online accounting degrees are an option for those who also enjoy managing money and want to learn more about financial management.

Today is my birthday! :)

Today is my birthday! I'm officially 26 now :) I love being a libra woman! Years pass quickly and I have so many dreams to achieve. Wish me luck on this way :)

* My boyfriend gave me a very beautiful gray-green shoulder bag and a chic black hat! Also my bandmate with her girlfriend gave very beautiful and cute angel knick-knacks to me :) I don't know what my parents will present me. We will celebrate my birthday in the evening :)

Best Cheap Fridge Freezers 2012

Cheap Fridge Freezers - The Best for 2012
With the current economic predicament still affecting many households, it is important to choose a reliable fridge freezer that provides excellent power at a reasonable price. There are many cheap fridge freezers on the market today which make access to the latest food cooling technology much easier for those on a tight budget. It's important to know which fridge freezer is best for you when you're planning to make a purchase which means conducting some research. Here's a few pointers to help get you started:


The Samsung RM25KGRS is one of the cheapest fridge freezers available. It has a sophisticated design and great cooling performance that will keep foods frozen for a long period of time. With its nano-technology and applied silver coating, the Samsung RM25KGRS provides an anti-bacterial effect for much safer and greener cooling. Your food will be kept fresh and clean when stored in this quality fridge freezer.

New World

New World’s NW5052FF sets a whole new trend in cooling and freezing. With its A-rated energy class and extreme cooling effect, this amazing fridge freezer is definitely worth the price. With the New World NW5052FF, you'll have enough room to store all your food while avoiding a huge electric bill at the end of the month.


The Bosch KGV36VW30G is among the best cheap fridge freezers for 2012. It provides an absolute cooling effect for better freezing of stored food. This product features a 60cm width and an A++ energy rating for optimum energy consumption. It is one of the most affordable quality fridge freezers on the market today.


Belling’s BE817 is another excellent option when choosing a fridge freezer. It features several compartments and shelves to keep your food both frozen and orderly. It can keep almost all kinds of food frozen for a long period, including meat, vegetables and more. This fridge freezer features an excellent energy rating. It can help freeze your food and keep the environment green without increasing your electric bill. Additionally, the modern style of the fridge makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen.


The Britannia FF-Nebraska-K provides a powerful freezing sensation with a very slick black design. With doors on either side, anyone can access their food more easily. This remarkable fridge freezer is designed to keep energy consumption low. It can store a lot of food and beverages inside while keeping them cool effectively. The smart look of this fridge will also make a fine statement in your home when you have guests.
These are some of the best cheap fridge freezers that will be available on the market in 2012. All of them provide an excellent cooling effect for all foods stored inside. They can also be purchased at reasonable prices from a number of stores. You can also save on your electricity bill when using these fridge freezers because they are all great energy savers.
Rick Wallace is an expert home chef and he values the importance of choosing good quality, well priced kitchen appliances that will stand the test of time. Cheap fridge freezers are one such item that requires careful consideration.

*** REVIEW: EdenFantasys #6 ***

This post contains adult material with links to an adult site. Please go on reading at your own discretion.
Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Enter to Win $500 Prize

We are in October. And it means what? Yes, Halloween! It means candies, trick or treats, sweet horror, and of course costumes! Various, colorful, interesting and different costumes. You can do whatever you want at this night, but if you have a soul mate, maybe you can celebrate by spicing up this special night with a beautiful difference. I have some recommendations for you from EdenFantasys in honor of Halloween :)

Masks are the essential items of the Halloween. If you want to add some secret and sexiness to your night (of course you want), you can try this festiva erotic mask. It has three color options: brown/purple, brown/white and black/brown. The first one is $7.99 and the others are just $5.99.
Festiva exotic mask - Mask

And of course you must have a costume. You can be a vampire vixen! And suck the blood of your lover with lust! Oh, I'm kidding, you can't hurt your dearest one, can you? But lust is still available :P The set includes a dress with lace bodice overlay, attached wing cape with wrist cuffs, and matching necklace collar with jeweled iron cross.
Vampire vixen - Costume

Or, you can be the haunted house mistress and allure your lover with your dazzling enchantment! It includes V-front high slit dress and belt with skull dagger. Some danger risk may be attractive, but don't use the dagger :P
Haunted house mistress - Costume

Whatever you do, just enjoy it! Happy Halloween!

* All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I will be provided with a gift card.

October 11, 2011

How To Shop Smart During The Holiday Season

Everyone loves to go Christmas shopping and buy nice presents for the people they love. However, nobody likes the financial problems that come from spending too much during the holidays. Just because it is the holiday season does not mean you have to shop last minute and buy expensive gifts. Buying presents without breaking the bank is possible! Here are a few tips on how to shop smart during the holiday season.

Plan Out A Holiday Budget
The first thing you will need to do is start planning out the holiday budget. Make a list of everyone you will be shopping for this year. Once you have the list made, figure out how much you can afford to spend on everyone and write down that amount next to each name. You can also make a note of all the affordable gift ideas for each person. This way you will know what to buy and how much to spend.

Start Saving Money
Open up a holiday savings account as soon as you can and put a little money from each paycheck into the account. You can do this all year round or at the end of the summer, this all depends on how much you are going to need to put on the side. Are you having trouble opening a savings account for any reason? Do it the old fashion way and place the holiday money into a jar or piggy bank!

Hit The Sales Early
Do you see a gift on sale you want to pick up months before the holiday season even begins? Don't wait until November, get it now! This way when the holiday season begins, you will have a head start on your budgeting and hitting the sales. Keep track of how much money you spend and what you buy. Keep a look out for sales and deals all year round, because you never know what you will find!

Hit The Christmas Sales
You may not like to deal with the crowds and lines of Christmas sales, but this is something you should do anyway! There are many retailers who will have great sales and door busters throughout the holiday season. Getting up early and dealing with the crowds will be worth it when you find an eighty dollar gift on sale for only twenty dollars!

Hit The After-Christmas Sales
Just because it's December 26th does not mean you have to end your holiday shopping. Plenty of stores will be having after Christmas sales. Find something you want to give to someone next Christmas? Get it now while it is on sale and just store it until next year! Be sure to make a list of everything you buy, how much you spend and who you shop for. This way there will not be any confusion when the next holiday season begins!

If you keep these tips in mind and shop smart, then you can buy the gifts you want for your loved ones without going broke!
This guest post was written by Jack Sibilia who has been working the finance industry for over 5 years. He recommends going online to to compare quotes from multiple insurers to get the cheapest insurance rate.

October 9, 2011

*** GIVEAWAY: Wayfaring Magnolia *** (CLOSED)

Today's giveaway is from
Wayfaring Magnolia, which is a great vintage clothing shop.

1980s Handmade Jazz Singer Red Dazzle Dress

From the Shop Owner

I'm a thrifter and vintage lover and I just love to share my finds on etsy for everyone.
PS: You can check her blog.

Vintage Size 5 Women's Heels

BUY IT: Dresses are between $148.00 - $10.00; shoes are between $50.00 - $22.00; tops are between $345.00 - $18.00; bags and purses are between $42.00 - $16.00; "for the guys" section is between $70.00 - $18.00; jewels are between $26.00 - $6.00. There are also miscellaneous items and "10 dollar clearance" section!

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Vintage Pearl Beaded Earrings1960/70s Womens Handmade Colored Wool Suit

October 7, 2011

*** GIVEAWAY: Partly Sunny Studio *** (CLOSED)

We have a new Etsy giveaway after a long time! The prize comes from
Partly Sunny Studio (US), which offers colorful original abstract modern art and impressionist paintings and prints.

Cherry Blossom Tree Palette Knife Original Abstract Painting 16x20 Custom Commission Painting

From the Shop Owner:
I have always had my hands full of paint brushes and colored pencils, crayons and markers and charcoal... I love flinging paint onto canvas and seeing how each and every painting turns out in the end, when I can finally call it finished and say "ta-da"! :) I try to create bright and colorful artwork that will give a cheerful atmosphere to a room.
PS: You can also find her on Artfire.

GUARDIAN OWL - Fine Art Print - 8x10 (also available in 16x20)

BUY IT: The beautiful original paintings are between $995.00 - $40.00 USD; prints are between $59.95 - $18.95; and note cards are between $12.00 - $6.00.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive a set of 13 note cards with envelopes by Rachel Biggs. (Value: $25.00 USD)
* Please leave your entries to the Rafflecopter form below.

Note cards Animals Abstracts Landscapes set of 13 with envelopes

October 4, 2011

*** GIVEAWAY: The Sylvan Horn *** (CLOSED)

Reading level: Ages 12 to adult
Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (February 25, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0595484891
ISBN-13: 978-0595484898
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

Before the days of men, there were elves. In a time they were great and powerful, the first dwellers, the brightest ray of dawn upon the earth. They brought light and music to the world and every breeze that stirs and wave that crashes still echoes with the wonder of the fair folk. But a foulness is brewing in the east, where men deal in sorcery. They summon dire forces, unleashing a terrible power into the world. And the elves, once immortal, now fade from the earth. But knowing that all sorcery comes from Runes that were carved ages ago, Efkin, a young elf lord, races to find and destroy the hidden Runes before all is lost. He sets out to recover the horn of his ancestors that long ago summoned the forces that shaped the world. Only the horn has the power to break the Runes. He journeys into the east, but comes too close to the heart of sorcery and does not dare blow the horn. If he is tainted by the poison of the Runes the horn will sound a ruinous note that could spell the end of the earth.

About the Author:
In his first novel, The Sylvan Horn, award-winning author Robert Redinger offers a fantasy epic that delivers much more than the usual sword and sorcery fare. There is plenty of magic and swordplay for genre purists, but there is also an intriguing narrative that does not merely take us down exotic paths, but moves our consciousness toward a new perspective. While the story deals in magic, it also touches on science, presenting a view of existence that resembles string theory, which states that our material world is made of vibrating strands of energy that produce all the elementary particles. A careful reader will also find an allegory that uses mysticism to explore the dangers of our modern era.

BUY IT: You can buy this book on Amazon for $15.95 and on Barnes&Noble for $14.67.

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Souvenirs You Won’t Want To Give Away

Travelling is a fantastic experience, so why not remember your adventures by buying a selection of exciting souvenirs along the way? Choose something unique to the countries you have visited and purchase the most unusual and cultural items for your trinket box.
Here’s a selection of souvenirs that you certainly won’t want to give away:

1. Yukata – Japan

If you are lucky enough to visit Japan, browse the local stores for a yukata, a casual summer kimono made from light cotton. The perfect garment to show off to your friends back home, yukatas are a traditional form of Japanese dress and can be tailor-made. With straight seams and wide sleeves, yukatas are distinctive in style and are available in many different colours and designs. The ladies of this country often style there hair in elaborate ways when wearing a yukata, so it might be fun to ask a native how to create a stunning up do.

2. Nyau Mask – Malawi

A beautiful country in Southeast Africa, Malawi is one of the most intriguing places on earth. While exploring this wonderful part of the globe, keep an eye out for a Nyau mask worn by a secret society of the Chewa tribe. Made from wood and straw the masks are traditionally used during rituals and have become a huge part of Central and Southern Africa’s culture. With many different masks available representing everything from white people to lions, these are hard to buy but are definitely worth the search – and the extra luggage charge.

3. Russian Dolls – Russia

Russian dolls make a wonderful souvenir and consist of beautifully carved wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. Available in many themes from peasant ladies wearing a traditional safaran jumper dress to Soviet leaders, Russian dolls have been around since 1890 and form a large part of Russia’s history. Like many souvenirs you can find the dolls around the world, however, they are often of poorer quality and consist of fewer dolls. Authentic Russian dolls can contain an impressive number of figures (sometimes as many as 50) and are special pieces of art you can cherish.

4. Shona Stone Sculptures – Zimbabwe

Despite its political problems, Zimbabwe remains one of the most stunning countries on this planet and is home to some of the most talented artists. Shona stone sculptures portray animals and humans in realistic and abstract form and are truly beautiful to behold. Hand crafted with love and care for centuries, each piece is unique and has the natural patterns of rock formed millions of years ago. Shona stone sculptures are elegant, different and look great in the home making them a wonderful buy.

5. Clogs – Holland

What better way to remember a trip to Holland that by taking home a pair of traditional wooden clogs? This extremely quirky type of footwear has become associated with the Dutch who still wear this incredibly durable type of shoe to work – especially in the fields. While clogs can be found in other countries such as Sweden and France, the design painted on them will mark them apart. Buy a pair with windmills painted on them, one of Holland’s most-famous symbols and enjoy a really special buy.
The next time you set off on your travels make sure you have enough spending money to buy some really wonderful souvenirs. You might want to buy a few unusual gifts for friends and family too, but watch out as you might end up keeping them for yourself.
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